Summer Wedding Trends I'm Loving

The wedding industry is back in full swing after 2020, and there are some FUN trends that we are absolutely loving! If you’re a 2021 bride, check out these trends and consider incorporating them into your big day!

1. Mixing metals

  • Can’t pick between silver and gold? Choose them BOTH! People are mixing these metals this season, and it is absolutely gorgeous! It also gives you one less decision to make!

2. Acrylic everything!!

  • Acrylic is EVERYWHERE, and I think it’s here to stay! Acrylic invitations, reserved signs, table numbers, welcome signs. One great thing about acrylic is you can DIY most of it!

3. Personalized welcome signs + Table Assignments

  • Large, personalized welcome signs and table assignments can make a statement the moment your guests arrive at your wedding.

4. Florals, florals, and more florals!

  • Florals are in and are definitely here to stay!! Many people are choosing mostly florals as their decor, and they are wanting it everywhere!

5. Color

  • While fall weddings brought us an abundance of neutral colors, summertime is bringing us lots of color, and I am loving it! Pinks, blues, and sage green are some of my current favorites!

6. Thank you notes on tables

  • Many people are ditching favors to leave a heartfelt thank you letter on the place settings at dinner. Not only does this save you some money and add more design to your table, but it also can be a really special way to thank your guests for taking time out of their busy schedules to attend your wedding!

7. Anything your heart desires!

  • No matter what the latest trends are or what is trending on Pinterest, your wedding is YOUR big day. You should take the time to decide what you really want!! Trends will come and go, so it is important that you are basing your wedding design based off of what you love!!