5 Ways To Get Your Life Back On Track After Quarantine

It is scientifically proven that you can form a habit within 1-2 months. Well y'all, we went into lockdown in March. It's now July, and some cities still haven't opened back up.

I know everyone's quarantine habits + experiences were all different. Some people found a love of working from home and maybe found themselves more productive. Others found their true love for a good Netflix binge with some snacks. Some people really got into working out at home and found a love for cooking homemade meals. And I know most of us attempted at least one home improvement project.

If you're anything like me, your quarantine might have been a mix of all of the above (minus the cooking). While I pretty much lived in sweatpants, I still tried to be somewhat productive during the days.

However, I quickly found myself with little to no motivation and just in a little bit of a rut.

I was staying up super late, wanting to stay in bed for most of the day, having no motivation to workout, and was just being pretty moody (sorry, mom and dad).

Now I have been in my fair share of ruts before. We all have days where we just feel off, but this rut didn't seem to be going away. I still sometimes find myself experiencing a few of these side effects, but I definitely have found ways to make it better.

So if you're ready to get your life somewhat back to normal (yes, you can still stay in your sweatpants for most of them), try a couple of these tricks that helped me.

1. Plan out your day.

I am like a crazy planner lady. I'm don't mean just adding an event on my phone. I need a physical planner with specific color coordination to keep my life on track. I also love making to-do lists.

Something I've recently started doing and have been LOVING is the Big Three. I learned this concept from Jenna Kutcher (check out her podcast, Goal Digger). Basically you write down three things you need to accomplish the next day. These don't need to be huge tasks, just three things that will keep the needle moving in your life. Write them down on a piece of paper before you go to sleep.

When you wake up, don't check your emails. Don't give Tik Tok a quick visit. Put your phone on airplane mode, and focus on those three tasks. I've found that I usually knock them out in half the time I expected, and I feel SO productive!

2. Turn off the TV + phone.

One bad habit I got in during quarantine was wasting time on my phone. My screen time was ridiculously embarrassing. I noticed when I would go to try to be productive, I would find myself constantly picking up my phone and starting to aimlessly scroll through social media.

To break this habit, I turned off the TV and set my phone in the other room for a couple of increments throughout the day. Turn them off and go for a walk. Get that homework assignment done. Just go do something without your phone in your hand.

3. Start getting dressed and ready for the day.

I'm going to take a wild guess and say about zero of my readers actually woke up, showered, and got dressed for life in quarantine. If you did, props to you, sister.

Getting dressed for the day (even if you're just changing into another set of comfy clothes) can be a total psychological move. Something about changing your clothes, brushing your teeth, and putting on a little bit of deodorant and mascara can you get feeling ready to crush the day.

4. Leave the house.

While many businesses are still shut down, that doesn't mean you still can't leave the house for a change of scenery.

If you are still working from home, try sitting out on your patio and working for a day (you probably will need a little shade if you live in the miserably hot midwest).

Order take out and find a picnic table in a park to eat it. If you still aren't comfortable leaving the house, even just going for a quick drive can help.

It's time to start (safely) breaking out of the house when we can.

5. Move that body.

Like I mentioned earlier, quarantine really made me lose all motivation to workout. When I did finally force myself to get off the couch, it felt more like a chore that needed to be done instead of something I enjoyed doing.

However, sitting around all day was only contributing to my rut and making me feel BLAH.

I started getting back in the flow of things by simply going on daily walks. Sometimes these would be really long walks, and other times it would just be a quick stroll around the block.

If you're really struggling to find the motivation to get up and get moving, start thinking of your workouts as something that will make you and your body feel better. Don't think of them as a way to burn off those couple of pounds you wish you could shed.

Think of them as a way to release some endorphins, get your heart rate up, and feel better overall. We are going through a dang global pandemic. Give yourself some grace, but know that moving your body will make you feel so much better.

Your life isn't going to feel "normal" for quite a while, and that's okay. It will be a slow process. Give yourself a little grace if you're still struggling to find the motivation you used to have. We've gone through a lot. Just be grateful your body made it through it all. Try a couple of these tips + see if any work for you :)