How To Overcome Self-Doubt + Start Today

Ever since I started my blog, I've gotten so many messages from people who want to start their own blog or some kind of creative outlet (Etsy store, YouTube channel, small business, etc.). Some will reach out for advice, and others just want to find a friend doing similar things. All of them have one thing in common: something holding them back.

Even though none of them have told me that, I know that's what it is because I was doing the same thing 3 months ago.

I had my blog ready for two full months before I published it. I kept listening to more podcasts, reading more articles, reaching out to more bloggers, and making insignificant changes to my website.

I told myself I was just fully preparing and learning before posting, but deep down, I knew I was just procrastinating out of fear.

I basically was just looking for a kick in the butt to tell me to do it; instead, all I got was cheesy motivational quotes.

I know how it feels to be hesitant to put yourself out there. I know how it feels to want to have it all together before doing something so you don't fall on your face in front of everyone.

But I also know how it feels to want something so badly that it won't leave you alone.

This isn't just the case for creative outlets. Whatever your dream may be, big or small, all of us have something that we've wanted to do at some point in our lives.

So how do you go from dreaming to doing without doubting yourself or being the queen of perfectionism and procrastination? I'm here to put the Pinterest quotes aside and give you some implemental steps to actually turn your dream into a reality.

1. Start small.

I can be a total perfectionist and overachiever. When I started my blog, I knew there would be a lot of platforms other than my website that I would eventually use. People use every single kind of social media to grow their brands: Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, Pinterest, YouTube, and so many others.

It's so easy to feel like you need to do it ALL, especially when you're getting started.

I'm here to tell you, trying to tackle everything from the start will only make you frustrated and wasting way too much time.

Focus on 1-2 things before actually starting. For me, I focused on my Instagram and website. After a month or two, I then started working on Pinterest.

You don't have to have it all together right when you start.

2. Set specific, realistic deadlines for productive tasks.

Fiddling around with things because you're anxious or nervous about actually starting is going to get you absolutely nowhere.

Write down tasks that actually need to get done before you start.

For my blog, this is what my list looked like:

  • creating a website

  • writing 3-5 blog posts

  • shooting 1-2 photo sessions

  • launch

Were there a million other things I could have done too? Heck yes. But they don't need to be done right away.

Figure out what needs to be done, and set DEADLINES. Deadlines will become your new best friend.

Make these deadlines specific, realistic, and non-negotiable. No excuses.

This is the #1 thing that helped me actually start.

3. Make small sacrifices in the beginning.

If you're serious about starting something, you have to be willing to make some sacrifices. Whether it's time, money, comfort, or all the above, you're going to have to give something up when you're first starting.

For me, I had to sacrifice going out with my friends quite a bit. I usually only had time to work on my blog at night, so I sacrificed going out and getting 8 hours of sleep.

Did it suck? Sometimes.

Was it worth it? 100%

You sometimes will have to go through some seasons of working harder than usual. That's totally okay, and it will get better.

I was that person worrying about what other people would think of me, picking apart everything I created, constantly doubting myself, and deep down wondering if I would ever actually publish my blog.

I know there are so many other people out there that are doing the same things with their dreams.

You've got to learn to put that fear aside, be confident in why you're wanting to start something new, and take productive steps towards doing it.

I'm always free to talk in more detail if you've ever considered starting your own blog or creative outlet. I've gathered some GREAT resources that have helped me along the way :)