My Social Media Spring Cleaning

I'm a huge fan of spring cleaning. Almost every single year, I take some time to clean out my closet, give my room a good deep clean, and throw out or donate a lot of things I don't use anymore. A couple of years ago, I started adding another element to my annual spring cleaning routine: a social media cleanse.

This has honestly turned into one of my favorite things to do each year.

Taking some time to look at who I follow, what I've posted, and how I'm using my social media can be so helpful and refreshing. I think it helps maintain a healthy relationship with social media as well.

We spend hours a day on these platforms. Trust me, what you're constantly looking at is

taking more of a toll on you than you probably realize.

So how does this social media spring cleaning work? I'll walk you through the exact steps I take.

Step #1: Define your intentions.

Social media can be used in a lot of different ways and for many different reasons. Some people use it strictly for personal reasons. They want to stay connected with their friends and family. Others like to find motivation + advice through it. They follow people who post workout videos, good fashion deals, or inspirational content. Maybe you don't even know why you use social media.

Your intentions can change a lot too. I now use my social media to stay connected with friends and family while also trying to educate myself about blogging and event management, so those are the accounts I try to follow.

Take some time to think about the posts you're always liking and which ones you're quickly scrolling past.

If you don't use it, you don't need it.

Knowing what you want to get from your social media helps you decide if the people you're following align with your intentions.

Step #2: Check your own feed.

I think we all understand the importance of an appropriate social media page in today's world. You can bet any employers who are considering you for a job will probably give your social media a glance before even meeting you. Go ahead and archive those pictures of you after a few too many drinks and take out the cuss words in your caption.

If you're wanting to use your social media for more than just your personal life, make sure to reflect on how your content is helping you do that. If you want to share your faith more, check to see how often you're actually doing that.

Step #3: Refresh who you follow.

When we follow people on social media, we're giving them access to our time and energy. Even if you just scroll past their posts, you're still giving them permission to consistently show up on your page.

Make sure the time and energy you're giving them is worth it. Don't follow people who are draining, negative, or who you often find yourself comparing yourself to.

Be honest with yourself too. You know what accounts you could care less about anymore. Unfollow those mean girls who only add negativity to your feed. Unfollow that person who is constantly going on rants and putting down your political or religious views. Unfollow whoever doesn't add value to your life.

Step #4: Find some new faces.

Once you've unfollowed some people, replace those people with some fresh faces. Follow people that you enjoy talking to. Follow people who will help you in your present or future careers. Follow people who are refreshing and FUN.

For example, I recently unfollowed a celebrity who has started making all of her posts very political. I quite frankly don't enjoy reading her posts, and that's not why I initially followed her. I decided to unfollow her and instead followed an event planner who shares photos of her beautiful events and educates her followers about planning events.

Go to your favorite account and see who they follow. You're likely to find other like-minded people there. Give some new accounts a try... you can always unfollow them later if you want!

Start getting some real value from your social media. Before I started these cleanses, my feed was exhausting and draining. You aren't obligated to follow anyone you don't want to.

You don't have to always take social media so seriously. It's supposed to be fun :)