Do's and Dont's: Wedding Speeches

Your best friend's wedding day is going perfectly. The lucky couple looks beautiful. The reception is in full swing... but now it's time for the wedding speeches. Wedding toasts can be a way to honor the couple and bring a laugh or tear to the crowd, or they can quickly turn into one big cringe (especially if there has been a little too much alcohol consumed). No need to worry though, we are here to help! The next time you have to give a speech at a wedding, you will be ready as ever! I want to give you my wedding speeches do's and don'ts list!

The Do List:

  • Do compliment both partners

  • Do plan your speech before the wedding

  • Do talk about why the couple is so good together

  • Do be authentic

  • Do practice your speech

  • Do keep it short and sweet

  • Do have a drink or two if you need to loosen up

  • Do take it slow and talk clearly

  • Do thank everyone for the beautiful day

  • Do enjoy your speech and this special day!

The Don't List: 

  • Don't forget to talk about both partners

  • Don't come up with the speech as you go

  • Don't bring up past relationships or wild nights

  • Don't talk about touchy subjects

  • Don't talk longer than 5 minutes

  • Don't drink too much before the speech 

  • Don't talk about inside jokes

  • Don't make the speech all about yourself

  • Don't make it a comedy stand up

  • Don't let yourself get too nervous! You got it!

It's an honor to get to speak at someone's wedding. Make sure to take your job seriously, but have fun with it too. The couple will be so appreciative of you! 

Photo: Shelby Cook Photography

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