Birthday Edition: 21 Fun Facts About Me

Finally made it to 21!! 🍾 Like I mentioned in my last post, I love celebrating birthdays. Since we're pretty much limited to virtual celebrations, I thought I'd make a fun post for you guys to get to know the girl behind this blog a little more! I'm a pretty simple girl, but I do have some fun facts up my sleeve!

1. I ran a half marathon once without really training.

2. I am obsessed with corgis and plan on getting one right when I graduate.

3. I tried to be a vegetarian once in high school. It lasted two days then I accidentally ate a tenderloin and gave up.

4. I drink coffee every morning and would be embarrassed to know how much money I've spent at Starbucks over my lifetime.

5. You can see me in the audience (front row) in Ellen's Game of Games.

6. I've had three different college majors before I decided what I wanted to do.

7. I am a total Disney fangirl.

8. When I was little, I wanted to work for a carnival or be a trash man so I could ride on the back of the truck. Dream big, right?

9. I won a Simone Says game and then had to do a dance-off in front of thousands of people at a basketball game.

10. I'm currently reading (and loving) the Harry Potter books.

11. I have a total sweet tooth.

12. I love crime shows, books, and podcasts. Jake thinks I could get away with a crime a little too easily.

13. I love country music and 80's rock. Not much in between.

14. I used to be a barista.

15. I hate needles, blood, and skin being pierced. My knees go weak, I start sweating, and there's a slight chance I might pass out.

16. Waka Flocka elbowed me in the head at a concert.

17. My graduating class only had 65 people in it.

18. Sky diving is at the top of my bucket list.

19. My favorite TV show is Gilmore Girls. I got to visit Stars Hollow last summer.

20. I know the secret to never lose tic tac toe.

21. I am now 21 years old :)

Thank you to everyone who has helped make this blog happen + to everyone who stops by to see what this girl has to say! I appreciate more than you all with ever know!