Bachelorette Party Planning 101

Planning a bachelorette party can be stressful to the max, especially when you have a million other things on your plate.

No matter how busy you are though, you want to make sure you throw the perfect party for your beloved bride to be.

You're in charge of the shirts, the decorations, the bookings, the itinerary, the budget, the gifts, the games, and about everything else in between.

Where the heck do you even start?

Planning doesn’t have to be so stressful if you just start by breaking down the big things, then figuring out those little details as you get closer to the party.

Here are the 5 things to do first when planning a bachelorette party:

1. Pick your dates

Picking out dates that will work for everyone is probably the most annoying part, but if no one can be there, the bride to be is probably not going to be very happy with you.

The earlier you can get this on the schedule, the better. Ask your bride right away when she’s thinking about getting married and when she would want her bachelorette party. You don’t need to have any other details planned out, but find a time where you can all cross out the dates on the calendar.

2. Create a budget

Although the bachelorette party is all about the bride, don’t make the other girls and their bank accounts hate you along the way. Be realistic about everyone’s budgets. What season of life are most of you in? If you aren’t sure if someone would be willing to pay a certain amount, maybe reach out and ask them what they would be comfortable contributing.

Once you have your set number (which can be an estimate at first), get creative and make the most of it.

There are tons of ways to make any budget work, but first, just make sure everyone is okay with paying, then start working on breaking it down and maximizing it.

3. Pick a destination

Once you have your budget set, now it’s time to pick out your destination. Are you wanting to stay local? Go across the country? Get familiar with how expensive each place is going to be.

Don’t just pick a place off the top of your head. Do some research about their food, places to stay, nightlife, and other fun things to do. You also need to know how much each of these things is going to cost. Don't forget to check how quickly certain places book up!

4. Create your theme

To knock the bachelorette party out of the park, pick a theme. Everyone will LOVE this. This will help you not have another basic bachelorette party, and your bride will love it even more if you pick a theme that she is obsessed with.

Pick something you know the bride absolutely loves and center her weekend around that. You can literally do anything, but here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Country

  • Specific decade

  • TV show or movie - my personal favorite themes are Mean Girls or Friends

  • Beach

  • Barbie

  • Sailing

The sky is the limit with themes, and having one will help you find more unique decorations and make the night one to remember, so get CREATIVE! You can design your shirts, decorations, slogan, games, and signature drinks all based on your theme!

Pinterest is the BEST place to get theme ideas!

5. Plan your activities

Now it’s time to plan out exactly what you’re going to do spending the weekend doing.

No matter what you want to do, your plan should be what the bride would enjoy doing.

Does she want to spend the whole weekend drinking? Perfect, that’s what you should do. Would she rather go to a chill winery and get a little tipsy with the girls? Perfect, that’s what you should do. Does she really not like the drinking scene and would rather go to a fun class (cooking, painting, pottery, etc.)? Perfect, that’s what you should do.


Plan a couple of big activities, then take some time to come up with your fillers (especially if it is a multiple-day trip!)

If these activities need to be booked in advance, book them as soon as you have your dates set!

These are just some of the basics when planning a bachelorette party. Stay tuned for more specific ideas and detail breakdowns that you’re going to want to know for your big party! 💍