5 Unique Ways To Add Personal Touches To Your Wedding

Making your wedding unique to you is an absolute must! There are countless ways to add personal touches to your wedding. Adding your name to your decor isn't the only way to do it (even though I love that too). Trust me when I say that your guests want to know everything about you and your future spouse... where you met, your quirks, who made the first move, who is the hopeless romantic, your plans after the wedding, etc. You can sprinkle in these details all throughout your wedding!

Here are some unique ways to add personal touches to your wedding:

1. Signature Drinks

Make your bar unique to you! You can serve your favorite cocktail as your signature drink, remake your favorite drink from your college bar, or the drink you had during your first date. The possibilities are endless!

2. Table Numbers

One trend I am LOVING is making your table number or table assignments personalized. You can add a fun fact to each one or put a picture of you and your significant other at that age. For example, at table three, you would have pictures of each of you when you were three years old. This is a super great way to add a subtle touch of personalization at every table without much work!

3. Personalized Napkins or Programs

Another great spot to add a personalized touch or fun facts about the two of you is your napkins or programs. Almost every guest will grab one of these, so you don't have to worry about them not being seen!

4. Appetizer or Late Night Snack

Are you a popcorn lover? Serve your favorite popcorn with your appetizers during cocktail hour! Can't live without your daily latte? Look into renting a cute coffee stand! Your food is a GREAT way to add a personal touch at your wedding, especially appetizers or a late night snack. Not only does it make your wedding more personal, but you also get to enjoy your favorite goodies!!

5. Favors

Let yourself think outside the box for favors! Your favors can be related to your favorite hobbies, your hometowns, your favorite travel location, your jobs, your favorite snacks, and so much more!! Etsy is a great place to get unique favors made for you.

Remember that your wedding is YOUR day!! Do what you want, and help your guests get to know you better 😊