5 Things To Cut Out Of Your Wedding To Save Money

One of the most popular questions in the wedding industry is, “What are ways I can save money?” Well, I want to let you know that there are actually countless ways to save money on your wedding day! If you have an open mind and are open to suggestions, you absolutely can slash the costs. One great way to save money on your wedding day is to cut some small things out. Yes, these are all nice little details to have, but your guests will probably not even realize you didn’t have them!

Here are five things to cut out of your wedding if you are wanting to save some money:

1. Programs

Printing out a program for every guest can get expensive really fast. Instead, you could have a cute sign made that will welcome your guests and let them know the order of events!

2. Favors

A lot of favors end up getting sent back home with the couple after their wedding. So many guests get caught up in dancing, accidentally leave their favors on the table, or just simply don’t grab one. There are so many ways to thank your guests, so don’t feel obligated to buy favors!

3. Drink options

Your caterer will likely provide you with 2-3 drink options like water, lemonade, or tea. This will be plenty for your guests, especially if you have a bar as well! If you want to save money, skip the coffee, hot cocoa, and other specialty drinks unless your heart is set on them!

4. Personalized Details

Skip personalizing the small things. For example, it will be a lot cheaper to use regular napkins and cups rather than ones with the couple’s names or initials on them. At the end of the night, these items will be in the trash, so skip them if you want to spend more money elsewhere.

5. Out of season or unique flowers

Having an open mind with your florist can save you hundreds of dollars. If you ask for a floral that is out of season or hard to find, you are going to have to pay for it. Instead, ask your florist for cheaper options that are similar!

These five things add a nice touch to a wedding, but they are definitely not necessities. If saving money is one of your top priorities, it can absolutely be done! Remember, this is YOUR day, and you get to decide what you have and don’t have at your wedding!

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